​Rabbi Judith Lewkowitz "The Wandering Jewish Rabbi" 
Rev. Judy "The Ceremony Creator"

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Weddings: Interfaith or Jewish
Ceremony Creator Services
Destination Weddings

Ceremony & Vow Writer Services
I approach each ceremony creatively. Together we construct a ceremony that will reflect your union and beliefs that you share together.

​Please feel free to contact me with questions about my services or to schedule a conference appointment to discuss your options, needs and desires.
​Ceremonies are performed at your location where ever that may be: On the beach, private yachts, 
cruise ships or under water if you should desire.
​A customized ceremony is written focusing on the desires and needs of each couple with with equal for my interfaith couples with consideration of family values and customs.I also write ceremonies for those couples whom have another clergy to perform their ceremony.
Baby Naming 
A baby naming ceremony is to officially present the child with a Hebrew name, usually honoring a loved one who has passed.
Hospital & Hospice Visit
Talk, pray,listen, confession.As a retired registered nurse I completely understand and have the compassion to understand  the pain and suffering of a person with medical issues.
House or Corporate Blessings and Mezuzah Hanging
The focus of Blessing the home or Corporate venue. 
Funeral Services 
​A eulogy is written in praise of the person who has died. The eulogy is done at the grave site, funeral home, beach or anywhere friends and family gather.
​The ceremony typically has a certain order of events. First, there are readings from the book of Psalms; other prayers may be recited as well. Next, there is a eulogy. At that point, the Moleh, or Memorial Prayer, takes place. Finally, the Kaddish is recited, and the cloth or veil that has covered the headstone is removed. While the events cited above are typical, the unveiling can include additional sections to make this a personal reflection of the person whom has passed way.
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Will travel anywhere in the USA. 
All ceremonies created for each couples needs, desires& traditions.
Interfaith, Ceremony Specialist, Vow renewals, Commitment, Baby Naming, Sand/Candle, Blending of Family, Children & Parents Gift Ceremonies.
​Same Sex Marriages, Hospital/Hospice Visits.
​Jewish/Interfaith Funerals